The QPR Integrated Management System allows organizations to migrate towards a management system that treats strategy, performance, risk, compliance, process and quality as interdependent enablers of achieving organizational goals, allowing them to be managed in a unified, systematic way in order to optimize results.

But, who is QPR Intended for? The QPR Suite delivers the right capabilities for business management and enterprise architects to support operational development and business transformation cases meaning it can be used by any company business unit, entity or organisation.

QPR Suite
The QPR Suite also offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable not only process modelling, performance analysis and measuring but also enterprise architecture. QPR Suite comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organisations in developing their operations as a as a whole, looking at the big picture. It includes the following software which can be used separately or as an integrated solution:
  • QPR Enterprise Architect
  • QPR Process Designer
  • QPR Metrics
  • QPR ProcessA nalyzer
The QPR Suite 2015 is available in over 20 languages. Usage of the QPR Suite is supported with the QPR Portal web user interface.
QPR Enterprise Architect
All organizations have operations. Smart organizations improve their operations – the smartest ones do it with QPR Enterprise Architect. When you need to be faster in an ever changing environment, QPR Enterprise Architect helps you with the gain capabilities for analysing, planning and improving your business. Intuitive and easy to use, both business and IT users prefer QPR Enterprise Architect as it helps to ensure that operations are in line with their strategy. Thanks to its open metamodel, QPR Enterprise Architect is highly configurable for the modelling and analysis capabilities your organization needs. QPR Enterprise Architect is included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture tools. QPR Enterprise Architect key features:
  • Tailor the enterprise architecture method to your needs
  • Use a common repository with governance model
  • Manage all enterprise architecture layers and dimensions in one visually powerful tool
  • User friendly publishing and collaboration platform
  • Analyze assets, relationships and dependencies
  • Perform effective gap analysis
  • Enhance QPR Enterprise Architect with QPR’s tools for performance management and process mining
  • Simultaneous multiple language support for over 20 languages
QPR Process Designer
Describe, analyse, communicate and improve your processes with QPR Process Designer, an all-inclusive multiuser process management software. QPR Process Designer helps your organization in their EBPA/BPA work by taking into consideration the needs of business users as well as IT experts. QPR Process Designer is unique in delivering powerful process management capabilities while remaining as easy to use as the office productivity tools that business users work with on a daily basis. This makes it the perfect choice for organizations wanting to improve their EBPA/BPA activity to be a business-driven, ongoing initiative rather than a one-off IT exercise.
  • Design and maintain process models efficiently
  • Analyse model assets and relationships
  • Common repository with governance model
  • Integrate your existing documentation
  • Analyse resource usage and allocation
  • Publish process models instantly online and into Microsoft® Office products
  • Fix problems with powerful online collaboration
  • Use dashboards for performance monitoring
  • Simultaneous multiple language support for over 20 languages
QPR Metrics
QPR’s performance management software QPR Metrics provides your organization with a fast upgrade path from manually maintained, in-house built performance reporting solutions. With QPR Metrics you obtain a flexible performance management environment with informative KPI’s, dashboards and reports. Over a 1000 customers from public and private sectors have chosen QPR Metrics as it can support any performance management framework and process. Typical application areas for QPR Metrics range from strategy execution and balanced scorecard to people performance management, risk management and process performance monitoring. QPR customers have won several prestigious awards in the area of strategy execution and performance management such as Kaplan and Norton Hall of Fame awards.
QPR Process Analyzer
Process mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer automatically generates process flowcharts and important KPIs based on the data extracted from your IT systems. Instead of manually modeling and mapping the processes you can utilize the extracted data and automatically create an exact fact-based visualization of your business processes. Make the most of the existing data in your IT systems and get facts for analyzing, measuring and monitoring the performance KPIs of your core processes. QPR Process Analyzer is a perfect process mining and process business intelligence software for process owners and business owners to gain insight and improve the business processes. Bringing true process intelligence – continuously – for the whole organization. Process visualization – quickly map your processes, identify and discover process bottlenecks and variations Reports on process metrics – measure and monitor process lead times, volumes, and other process KPIs Automated data integration – no need for manual data import No more guessing – base your process improvement activities on fact. QPR Process Analyzer is available as:
  • Cloud solution
  • On premise server installation - QPR Process Analyzer
  • Standalone version - QPR Process Analyzer Xpress
  • Integrate all components of managing your organization into one coherent system, executed cross-functionally and in a systematic way
  • Align all management practices with your strategy
  • Improve processes from a holistic viewpoint that includes besides performance also risk, compliance and quality mandates
  • Improve decision making by providing managers with shorter reporting cycles and a single point of access to all information, structured in a systematic and uniform way
  • Reduce the cost of audits and compliance by providing a uniform approach to manage compliance with a multitude of regulations and standards, rather than managing each regulation in an isolated way
  • Involve your employees in the collaborative execution of strategy, performance, risk, quality and compliance management
QPR Software Plc offers the best services and software for developing processes and enterprise architecture. QPR has more than 1,500 private and public sector customers across the globe in more than 50 countries. QPR’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.