A work environment which promotes the ongoing reduction of costs and risks while simultaneously increasing employee & client satisfaction

By embedding three fundamental disciplines in your organisation, opportunity to improve will naturally be identified, evaluated, and communicated continuously to allow for the acceleration of action-oriented decision making by your business leaders

  • To the COO (Operations)
    To the COO (Operations)
    • Cost (waste) reduction
    • Risk reduction
    • Accelerated decision making for process improvements
    • Visibility into best practices

  • To the CEO & Business Transformation Team
    To the CEO & Business Transformation Team
    • Project management & milestone tracker
    • Change management (Kanban UI)
    • Performance monitor

  • To the CHRO (Human Resources)
    To the CHRO (Human Resources)
    • Talent enrichment
    • Skill management & communication
    • Role & responsibility clarification

  • To the CRO (Risk)
    To the CRO (Risk)
    • Corporate risk strategy translated into measurable objectives at the process level

  • To the CIO (IT)
    • 360°visibility into IT investment portfolio of bugs, enhancements & new development
    • Investment analysis via cost/benefits conducted by end users
    • Visibility into best of breed tools available

  • To the CFO (Finance)
    • Enriched visibility into the bottom line (costs) of the organization’s people, processes, and technology
    • Opportunity to reduce IT-related spending by investing in cloud technology to join the digital transformation revolution

Features of PRESTO

The PRESTO dashboard
12 executive top-down reporting modules
  • Skills & knowledge gaps
  • Continuous improvement survey scheduling
  • Risk reduction opportunities
  • Idea portfolio
  • KPIs
  • Operational readiness
  • Cross selling opportunities & client cost analysis
  • Audit & training scheduling
  • Waste reduction opportunities
  • Initiative (projects) management
  • IT portfolio of initiatives
  • Compliance (2018)
  • KYC (2018)
Best Practice Newsfeed
  • Initiative cost-benefit analysis
  • KPI waste reduction opportunity reporting
  • Skill & badge awards
  • Idea share brainstorm
Operational readiness
PRESTO, originally created as a business process management tool has since expanded by incorporating manufacturing-based operational readiness functionality ensuring its users have real-time visibility into the readiness status of the tool sets needed to do their jobs Training
  • Operational readiness master plan
  • Process safety management system & structure
  • Operation philosophy, plan & procedures
  • Maintenance philosophy, plan & procedures
  • Review of operability & maintainability
  • ISO certification & administration
  • Audit management & tracking
  • Training, L&D event management
End-to-end change management
PRESTO includes project management functionality offering robust, easy-to-use interface for the end-to-end management of all continuous improvement opportunities identified
  • Kanban-style drag-n-drop interface
  • 5-phase-to-completion project management discipline/functionality
  • Assign ownership and accountability at all stages of the project lifecycle
  • Project resource cost analysis
  • Robust checklist / task list functionality
  • Gantt chart milestone reporting
  • Project Charter reporting
  • RACI-style project governance & roles & responsibilities tracker
  • Weekly planner & calendar reporting to manage expectations
  • Audit tracking manager
  • Training tracking manager
Best practice sharing
Celebrate success in real time, increase best practice awareness & maximise transparency
  • The PRESTO newsfeed, accessible to the entire organisation ensures that all good deeds never go unnoticed
  • Sharing, tagging, likingand friendlycommentingallowemployeesat all levels maximum interaction capability with a fun, minimal-effort user interface
  • Install friendly competition amongst your staff via ‘gamification’ by awarding HR-approved merit badges and accelerate decision making to drive continuous improvement initiative management to successful execution
  • Revolutionise your performance evaluation strategy by using PRESTO’s real-time performance management reporting to celebrate successes, profit from lessons learned, and do away with the tedious end-of-year personal performance evaluation
  • Use your mobile to:
  • Read your team’s daily news from anywhere and interact!
  • ‘Go to Gemba’ and log in observations in real time
  • Have immediate access to people & process opportunity profiles
Cultivate ideas with efficiency
No idea will go unnoticed with PRESTO’s online suggestion box allowing for any employee to quickly (and anonymously if desired) voice an opinion, idea, or recommendation to the entire user community Capture, cultivate and act on the ideas from those who know your business best: YOUR STAFF
  • It is a custom form that allows provides additional custom fields to capture different types of information and metadata of the record.
  • Metadata summarizes basic information about data, which can make finding and working with particular instances of data easier. For example, author, date created and date modified and file size are examples of very basic document metadata.
  • Having the ability to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for user to locate a specific document.
  • The metadata can be used to identify, authenticate and contextualize records and the people, processes and systems that create, manage, maintain and use them.