Phidélity is a document security product that helps to protect the organisation from counterfeit, forgery and disclosure of hardcopy printouts.

INSPECTION FOR DOCUMENT AUTHENCITY There is a recommended practice in security community for checking the authenticity of the paper documents. While checking the authenticity of the paper document user should be able to conduct a first line of inspection, just by a visual inspection without using any tools. If still suspect, user should do a second line of inspection with the help of some commonly available tools such as magnifying glass or plastic lens. If still suspect, a third level of inspection should be able to conduct with the help of more sophisticated tools such as scanner, computer, mobile devices etc. Phidleity features are aligned with these multiple line of inspections.


Features of Phidélity

Crypto Mark
Crypto Mark
  • CryptoMark is an anti-forgery feature.
  • CryptoMark will appear as a mark on the document but when we superimpose a lens on top of the mark it will reveal the hidden information. The lens will act as a key for revealing the hidden information.
  • The data embedded in the CryptoMark can be dynamic/document specific.
  • The same lens can be use to verify multiple documents which carries different data for CryptoMark. The lens will be specific to an organization or department level.
SecureCODE is an anti-forgery feature. Data encoded within the SecureCODE is digitally signed using the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology.
  • 3rd line inspection
  • Detects document forgery
  • Leverage on 2D Barcode
  • Digitally signed
Verification Channels
  • 2D Barcode Gunner/Reader
  • Web page
  • Pocket PC
  • Software client
  • Mobile Phones (Android & iOS)
E-service Deployment
E-Service deployment makes uses Phidélity print control module to print the document with Phidélity document security features. Print control can be easily integrated with eService applications
  • Print control limits number of copies that can be printed
  • Restricts Virtual Printer Driver
  • Having the ability to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for user to locate a specific document.
  • 3rd line of inspection
  • Embed user information into document
  • Steganography (the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data)
  • Accountability
Works by using normal paper, ink and printer embedding fingerprint of user for accountability and traceability. There is minimal overhead to the existing printing process and resilience to the daily document handling process (faxed, copied, folded etc.). The Fingerprint is covert and not easily removed from paper or tampered.
Proposed Features by Document Type
Proposed Features by Document Type
Users of Phidélity
Users of Phidélity