Knowledge Repository Information System

KRIS is an integrated all-in-one role-based electronic record management solution..

KRIS – The Records Manager Providing comprehensive governance solutions for capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling and managing electronic & paper records. KRIS Records Manager, or KRM in short, acts as the central repository for digital records like PDFs, MS Office files, emails and attachments – it manages vital records as corporate knowledge so that they can be easily utilized by authorized users. With the introduction of new User Interface design, it provides greater convenience and easy navigation for both end-users and administrators to better manage their records administration..


Features of KRIS Records Manager

  • Get alerted of user activities within your selected contact list.
  • Receive daily and immediate notifications of user activities send direct to your account.
  • You can also sign up or manage subscriptions on behalf of your colleagues so that they will get updates and receive notices of user activities via the system.
  • Detects exact similarity of records and prevent record redundancy.
  • It eliminates duplicate or redundant information and works at capture stage and scans the entire repository for an exact copy of an incoming record. Purpose is to prevent physical storing of another copy and only creates a reference pointer to the existing copy found in the system.
  • Copying the URL link of the selected records to Work Tray by using the "Copy-As-Link" icon.
  • The ability to allow user to select multiple records by right clicking and copy the URL links to Work Tray automatically.
  • Full control on the type of records being deleted.
  • No worry of important records gets erased accidentally. All deletion requests are required to be justified, authenticated and sent for approval before it gets deleted.
  • No more redundant or duplicate files taking up valuable storage space.
  • The ability of automatically detecting duplicate files when two identical records are found. It will prompt and alert user that a similar record already exist in the same folder, and allowing only one of the duplicates to be preserved.
  • This feature is able to deduce the content similarity between records filed by different users
  • It is a custom form that allows provides additional custom fields to capture different types of information and metadata of the record.
  • Metadata summarizes basic information about data, which can make finding and working with particular instances of data easier. For example, author, date created and date modified and file size are examples of very basic document metadata.
  • Having the ability to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for user to locate a specific document.
  • The metadata can be used to identify, authenticate and contextualize records and the people, processes and systems that create, manage, maintain and use them.
  • Editing your working documents at your own pace.
  • As a working document in the system, it allows you to edit and create document versions at your own pace anytime. And you only need to click a button when the document is ready for publish, and the system will automatically convert into an official record for other users to access with a single click.
  • Now you get full control of draft records as it can only be accessible by yourself.
  • A complete overview on the essential data you need to view daily.
  • Access up-to-date information at a glance. It summarizes all data and information associated with your daily tasks and requests at your quick overview. Importantly, there are shortcuts that gives you direct access to a particular section, page or function you want to get to.
  • Keep in sync with your files or folders between KRIS & Dropbox.
  • This feature integrates seamlessly with Dropbox (a simple online virtual storage application) allowing users to access their working files stored in Dropbox and file records with evidential values.
  • It allows you to access your Dropbox folders in KRIS system at the point of capture.
  • A smart 'Save to KRIS' plug-in to file records easier from Microsoft Outlook.
  • The 'Save to KRIS' plug-in button will be installed and appear in Microsoft Outlook toolbar that allows users to easily attach, save or file emails and its attachments directly into KRIS system.
  • With our Email Manager, it allows user to file multiple records and its attachments to the same file reference. Records who are filed successfully into KRIS will be flagged with an indicator and displaying KRIS information.
  • Added security feature for your full control.
  • For double security, you can now set your security feature to create and control a set of rules to prevent certain unrecognized file types (e.g. .exe / .avi) to be sent or received. This gives you full control on better managing your documents, and faster search for the document.
  • It also has an add-on feature that will alert user if he or she is working on a banned extension documents/files.
  • A "Record Library" wherever you go.
  • Now you can easily get access to millions of records and related articles simply by browsing and flipping through all the records like a book. This enables easy search for records and reducing time and effort spent in attempting to find the correct record.
  • It also comes with an built-in functionality that allows users to display an image on a record as a thumbnail, such that when a user clicks on the thumbnail image, a new window will pop up showing the full-sized image.
  • Gain insights that matters.
  • A premium feature available in MS Outlook only. With Knowledge Community, it allows you to preview the email content without opening the email itself. And, it also allows you to get instant statistical information in a graphical format to gain insights into records.
  • A powerful easy-to-use tool that allows you to understand the frequency of email exchanges, degree of participation and number of correspondence, that assist you to measure the usage and effectiveness of the data.
  • A quicker way to search your documents in the shortest time.
  • Keeping a list of all your documents in your favourite folder. At one single location, it allows you to get easy access to all your documents at the quickest time and perform your search faster.
  • A dropbox for KRIS to capture your documents.
  • With KRIS DI (KRIS Desktop Integration), you can now drag and drop your documents into a KRIS monitoring folder on your desktop and start filing without login to KRIS web application.
  • Complete visibility on the type of records being created.
  • No more messy files or folders. This feature helps manage your files and folders better, and allows faster search of your documents and records at a click of button. The only action that user has to do is to send a request to the administrator, to create the file or folder that he/she wants, and he/she shall be notified once it is done – the entire process is automated.
  • Reports that help you stay updated and make informed decisions – results in better budget planning and forecasting of IT spend.
  • New reports that allow you to stay informed and makes better decision. And, it provides a good tracking overview on all the documents or files movement status and system usage.
  • Various types of reports are available for downloading to help you analyses staff or users’ information better. Reports type for example by User Adoption Rate, Document
  • Deletion Tracking History, Size Usage, etc.
  • Delivering the latest updates directly to your Inbox.
  • Our Subscription Manager lets you monitor the activities of the records closely, and receiving notifications according to your defined conditions delivering directly to your Inbox.
  • In addition, you can create your desired mailing list by adding or removing subscribers to your mailing list by automatically sending them proper notification emails.
  • You can also enter your rules for managing subscriptions/unsubscribed to that list.
  • A built-in OCR engine is now available in KRIS to read images and scan for text contained inside the image.
  • This OCR function is built to extract the text contained inside the image, and convert those texts into a computer readable text.
  • This allows users to search for images based on the content of image or keywords/texts contained inside the image.
  • Sending of documents now made easy.
  • You can now easily share and send documents either by sending as a link or as embedded attachments in the email message. KRIS information that comes along, like Document No and Document Subject, gives additional context on what are the attached records in the email.
Record Library
  • File Classification Plan display the tree view the way you want it.
  • Presenting a hierarchical view of the File Structure and offering users the flexibility to display the view according to their preference. With our Tree View Toggle marker, it allows users to find and locate their files faster and easier.
  • In addition, new Bookmarks section is included in the Record Library to allow quick access to your favourite records / folders as well as your most recent accessed records / folders.
  • More control are also now given to administrators to specify and control the file plan view for the users.
  • Organize and retrieve your emails easily.
  • A premium feature available in Outlook only. This feature has a built-in intelligent filing system that will auto-group all related email conversations in the same thread.
  • Plus, it also allows you to easily retrieve the entire email threads in Outlook and save as records and the option of auto saving incoming and outgoing email of the email thread to the same classification.
  • Full visibility of all the hidden closed files at a glance.
  • At user's level, you can now easily display and view all the closed files hidden in the tree view by clicking on the Showed File checkbox.
  • It has the ability to display collapsible documents and content in a limited amount of space without compromising file structure and policy, and it is also equipped with internal measures to prevent file manipulation.